The BeginningEdit

OuterShadowProductions was founded in Early 2007 by Aran(Aranazza) and Lewis, so far, the group has been successful at the art of making machinima and over the years have improved the quality of the projects. The first major video made was "The Adventures of Snake and Slayer" Which followed Snake and Slayer around Halo as they try to discover what happend to them. The video was laughable, however, this is what started the production team known as (OS)Productions.

Start-up of the Production TeamEdit

The first production team was titled, (OS)Productions, however, once the group entered 2007, more people became invovled and Aran decided to expand the story of some of his videos, one being "Drive-by", a gang-themed video about two groups in conflict. This was made on Halo PC and Halo Custom Edition and once Aran created the server, Lewis (known at the time as Death) joined and wished to help.


After going through a dispute with a few members during 2007, Aran and Lewis agreed on re-designing the group and the productions team name was changed to OuterShadowProductions. They then started to create full storyline instead of Shorts. One of these was Rise of the spartans(PC Edition), it spanned across 8 Episodes, but was later post-pond due to errors in the production and the overall result. Secrets of Zanzibar(PC version) was then made after this and lasted 3 episodes, however, the quality between could be shown.

Present DayEdit

Now, OuterShadowProdutions has become much more professional towards their work and the quality of their projects have increased greatly. The team is now becoming much more creative such as Nick (nitemare), who is creating his own series based on OuterShadow itself; (OuterShadow Chronicles) and the group expanding their most popular series by creating a follow movie to Secrets of Zanzibar. Lewis and Nick are also working on a anime style series, further details will be released later.

The CastEdit

Please note; The list is incomplete, there is many more to be added.

  • Aran (Founder, Director, Editer, Actor, Voice Actor, Writer)
  • Lewis (Co-Founder(When re-designed), Director, Actor, Voice Actor, Writer)
  • Nick (Director, Editer, Actor, Voice Actor, Writer)

Current ProjectsEdit

Completed ProjectsEdit

  • Rise of the Spartans (Halo 3 and PC Versions)

Other Production Teams Related to OuterShadowEdit

  • Thomas Productions Inc

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