Pickleman Machinima is part of the Early Reach generation of halo Machinima, uploading his first Machinima on February 20th, 2011. Pickleman worked along side friend and youtuber Youngblood Machinima for most of his comedy series "The Elites ", before later moving on to "Operation Peanut Butter " his second series. After the series finale of OPB, It was announced Pickleman would finish the Elites with "one final movie". The movie was uploaded on  Febuary 18th 2015, 2 days from the 4 year anniversary of the first episode.

The Founding of Pickleman MachinimaEdit

Pickleman Machinima was born November 21st, 1994. His mother named him so. First name Pickleman, last name Machinima. He was destined to do great things. In 6th grade, an 11 year old Pickleman had the idea of creating a funny comic series with his friend Andrew. Together they wrote “The Adventures of Pickleman and Cucumber Lad”. We fast forward to 4 years later. Where the director is now in 10th grade. It was at this time that he created a second story, “Earth Defenders” a comic about some people, piloting big mechs fighting random giant monsters that attack earth. And then the story got ridiculous to the point where there was time travel and empires being overthrown. Just over a year later, Pickleman stumbled apon DigitalPh33r . He instantly became a huge fan. After watching "Digitalph33r's Guide to Halo Machinima ", Pickleman had an idea. He and his friend Youngblood Machinima decided to created their own Halo Machinima "The Elites" (which also involves time travel), a series about 2 friends who were framed of a crime they did not commit, attempting to outrun and eventually take down a corrupt government. The series would get thousands of views (the 1st episode gaining 150,000) and create a devoted fanbase who he would later address as his feeble subjects. They uploaded the first episode on Febuary 20th, 2011 and continued to upload the first 6 episodes on Youngblood's channel, before switching to the channel Picklem576, which then became Pickleman Machinima.

The Elites Episode 1 (Halo Reach Machinima)03:18

The Elites Episode 1 (Halo Reach Machinima)

The Elites Episode 1

Pickleman MachinimaEdit

Almost 2 months after uploading season finale of "The Elites"(part 2 aired September 24th), Pickleman Machinima released a trailer on November 10th 2011 anouncing that there would be a second season. On July 27th 2012, Pickleman uploaded the season 2 finale of the elites and left it on a cliffhanger (he later created a trailer for season 3, but took it down after a few days after learning there would not be elites as playable characters in Halo 4). It was in this series that Pickleman encountered a fellow Machinima director TheZeddProductions , who offered to pay Pickleman for his voice. This man would later become one of Pickleman's closest friends, and mentor. On August 21st, 2012 Pickleman Machinima uploaded a pilot episode to his new series "Operation Peanut Butter",

Operation Peanut Butter 1 "Pilot" (Halo Reach Machinima)04:54

Operation Peanut Butter 1 "Pilot" (Halo Reach Machinima)

OPB Episode 1

a series about TV actors and their fictional show Nutty Justice. His series recieved positive and negative criticism. The Season 1 Finale aired on November 13th 2012. Season 2 episode 1 was uploaded on January 29th, 2013 and the series Finale was uploaded July29th, 2014. During this 2 year period his work saw drastic changes for the better in script writing and cinematography, thanks to TheZeddProductions , and experience in Machinima. This series would end up with only a fraction of the views of "The Elites".  12 days later on August 10th, Pickleman uploaded  an anouncment that he would be completing the Elite's, in "One final movie". This movie would be created with the skills he learned in OPB. "The Elites The Movie" was uploaded on Febuary 18th 2015, 2 days before the 4 year anniversary of the first episode. On Febuary 27th 2015, Pickleman uploaded "The Rise of Omega Squad", a Machinima that makes fun of many other Halo Machinima. It was unknown if this Machinima would continue into a series, or just remain a single episode. The channel remained mostly inactive until August 4th, 2015, when Pickleman Machinima uploaded an Update advertising Machinima Union, game nights, And that he was working on a "Secret" Machinima as of September 2015, Pickleman Machinima has retired from making machinima, stating that "That era of my life is over, and I do not regret one minute of it". He has moved to advance his career on to writing and become a sound recording artist.


The Elites:

Is a COMPLETED Machinima, and was the first Machinima Pickleman Created - Link to Playlist

Maxresdefault (1)

Operation Peanut butter:

Another completed Halo Machinima.  It is a satire comedy series about the lives of two famous actors who put up with all kinds of characters on and off set, puns, and all things inapropriate.

Link to playlist -


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