Playtime title

Created by:

Nevin Douglas

Directed by:

Nevin Douglas


Nevin Douglas


June 18, 2011 - June 9, 2013

Running time:

5 minutes (average)

Number of episodes:

  • 26 (Main Episodes)
  • 4 (Specials)
Playtime is a Halo: Reach Machinima series by CruelLEGACEY. It is set in Forge World and revolves around the adventures of two soldiers, Warren and Cobra. It has been featured on Halo Waypoint.


Season 1

The series opens with Cobra calling up his friend Warren to get help with his (Cobra's) training. Warren accepts, mentoring Cobra throghout the course of his training. Warren manages to teach Cobra the basics, which come in handy during season 2.

Season 2

In Season 2, Cobra and Warren are faced with a new challenge. The Covenant have landed on the ring, and are planning to use a huge device known as "The Ascendant Tower" to wipe all life from the surface of the ringworld, thereby allowing them to take control. They are led by a ruthless elite known as the Commander. Warren and Cobra drive off the invading Sangheili, but in the process, Cobra is killed. (However,after the credits of the final episode "Showdown", Cobra is seen talking to the Commander.)

Season 3



  • Warren
  • Cobra
  • Red
  • Dwight

Episode GuideEdit

Season OneEdit

  1. "Training Day"
  2. "Crash Course"
  3. "The Grif Cannon"
  4. "Armor Locked"

Season TwoEdit

  1. "Up in the Sky"
  2. "Sweet Dream"
  3. "The Morning After"
  4. "Showdown"

Season ThreeEdit

  1. "Payback"
  2. "Imprisonment"
  3. "The Search Begins"
  4. "The Store"
  5. "Flashback Part 1"
  6. "Flashback Part 2"
  7. "Arrival"
  8. "Jailbreak"
  9. "Man Canon 2.0"
  10. "The Return Home"

Season FourEdit

  1. "The Hero"
  2. "Customer Service"
  3. "Glove Slap"
  4. "The Duel"
  5. "The Forest for the Trees"
  6. "Expectations"
  7. "Mano a Mano"
  8. "Moment of Truth"


  • The series was originally set to be a four part mini-series, though grew larger and eventually led into four seasons.


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