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"Big Food: Potato Warrior" is a Halo 3 series by SodaGod. So far there has only been one episode. In it, Turkish and Pesto enter an ancient fighting competition. The episode opens with Turkish being annoyed by a female character, He eventually kills her with a flamethrower. He then enters the fighting arena to challenge Pesto. Pesto ends up defeating turkish via Rocket Launcher but is forced to flee the competition when a giant 2d Face scares him off. The potato warrior chairman approaches Pesto and tells him he has disgraced the competition by fleeing from the battle. The chairman and Pesto step into an invisible spaceship and fly off.


  • SodaGod as Pesto, Chairman, American dude.
  • Hobo Wrath as "The Monitor"
  • Elegy as "Pink"