A halo reach machinima series about the adventures of three friends and power ups.


Episode 1

The series start off were kyle and kane walk down the grasses of forge world were a narrator is narrating them behind their back in epic speech of adventure until they said who the heck is the guy behind them talking. The two come across a strange energy orb were they try to decide what to do. Kyle suggests touching it but kane doesn’t want to so kyle does. After absorbing the energy spear, he starts feeling and seeing weird stuff but then calms down and says nothing happen. Kan says he reckless but kyle starts seeing colors again and getting really high. Kyle says he’s freaking out and starts going around trying to see the colors. Kane is confuse by all this until his other friend djinn comes along. When he tells him about the power up, he says he filled with loads of drugs. He says they should wait for the effects to go away on their own but kane tries to tell him of what happen, that he ingusted drugs. Kyle starts going crazy when he hears this and is scared he could get killed or arrested and run away. Djinn says they shouldn’t have told him.

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