The Pretty Swirly Clan is the clan that logan and his friends created its members are logan james hudson and dwayne they each have an emblem that is both pretty and swirly which is how they got the name

Creation of the ClanEdit

after logan met james the two got along and then met hudson soon they decided to form a clan after several failed names and emblems they finally came up with the pretty swirly clan

other clansEdit

after they created there clan they challanged every clan in halo they lost to every single clan they faced from a brainiac class to the charlie bit my finger clan they felt so embarrassed that they never fought another clan until episode 8

Dwayne joining the clanEdit

after saving him from being banned logan brought dwayne into the clan he revealed that he was a hacker and only joined the clan cause he was on the run soon they faced off against a clan of pacifists but lost


  • logan (might be the leader)
  • hudson
  • james
  • dwayne

External LinksEdit

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