Prison Break is a Halo 3 machinima made by Beyond ? Wurp productions. The marines of an ant-rebellion outpost are overrun and captured by rebels.


Episode 1 - Having a situation

A lieutenant alerts everyone in the base that the rebels are about to attack the base.he tells private decker and piller to defend each side of the walls of the base. the rebels start firing on the base. the three have a augerment over which gun sucks the most. captain birmingham tells corpal friday friday to drive the warthog out of the hanger and defend the base, but the warthog is stuck in a home made garage and have to drive back. the lieutenant tries to motivate his troops but piller runs away like a little girl, which decker says he hate when he does that. the rebels come out with a tank, but the lieutenant says he can take it out with the turret. the tank fires at him and he explodes to the outside of the base. piller comes by his side and asks if there anything he could do for him and he tells him to get his knee off his stomach. he say he'll after pillar run away and the tank fire again, this time, killing him. birmingham and friday meet up with decker and piller. decker says they have to leave before the rebels get inside. the rebels get inside already and the remaining marines surrender. the rebels tell them they are being sent to prison camp.


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