The only released screenshot of the show.

Rocky Ring was a planed adventure/action machinima made using Halo 4 by Lone Recon. It was revealed on November 28th, 2012 on the Lone Recon website. Not much was known about the show other then a small plot that was revealed with a screenshot showing the two presumed main characters. The screenshot also revealed that it was supposed to take place on Halo 4's map "Impact". On December 31st, 2012, the series was officially anounced cancelled on the Lone Recon website, in a recap for 2012.


Not much was known about the plot, but what has been revealed is that two troopers have been assigned to two asteroids floating in the centre of a ring of rocks. One trooper is a veteran of the asteroids, and has been there presumably for a while. The other is a new trooper who had just arrived at the station, and had just woken up. The veteran shows the new trooper around and explans there happens to be an interference between the two rocks. They believe it's Forerunner tech, and have been digging away at it for a little while. He also teaches the newcomer to use the equipment.


The machinima was supposed takes place in Halo 4, on the space-themed map "Impact". The date and military affiliation of the troopers is unknown.


Veteran TrooperEdit

The veteran trooper was one of the main characters of the show. He has been at the outpost for a while, and knows what goes on. He believes there is forerunner tech on the asteroids. In the screenshot, he has been revealed to be armed with an assault rifle and pistol, and wears all recruit armour varients, minus the helmet, which is the Aviator varient.

New TrooperEdit

The new trooper was one of the main characters of the show. He had been assigned to the ring to accompany the veteran. He had just woken up on the rock's base. In the screenshot, he is revealed to have full recruit armour, and is armed with a battle rifle and pistol.


  • A statement was never officially made that the show was cancelled, but was only confirmed in a recap here.

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