Rooster Teeth Productions is the name of the company which makes Red vs. Blue. The name originates from a common insult in Red vs Blue, "cockbite." As such, the company logo consists of a silhouette of a rooster and a wind up chattering-teeth toy. Rooster Teeth also have other shows such as the Strangerhood, PANICS, Rooster Teeth Shorts, Supreme Surrender, Capt. Dynamic, Achievement Hunter, 1-800-Magic, Stroyent, Immersion, and Past Cast. However, Red vs Blue is still one of their most popular shows.

Halo Machinima Projects Edit

Red vs. Blue Edit

Red vs. Blue is Rooster Teeth's crown jewel, being the most popular machinima of all time. It is also the longest running web series of all time. It spans 11 seasons (and counting) and has influenced countless machinima directors.

The Grifball Saga Edit

The Grifball Saga is a series of mini-series made for Halo Waypoint that focuses on Team Slipspace, a team of spartans in the fictional Grifball sport.

Red vs. Blue 2003-Present
Red vs. Blue: Season 11 2013
Red vs. Blue: Season 10 2012
Red vs. Blue: Season 9 2011
Red vs. Blue: Season 8 (Revelation) 2010
Red vs. Blue: Season 7 (Recreation) 2009
Red vs. Blue: Relocated (Mini-Series) 2009
Red vs. Blue: Season 6 (Reconstruction) 2008
Red vs. Blue: Recovery One (Mini-Series) 2007
Red vs. Blue: Season 5 2006-2007
Red vs. Blue: Season 4 2005-2006
Red vs. Blue: Season 3 2004-2005
Red vs. Blue: Season 2 2004
Red vs. Blue: Season 1 2003

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