A halo 3 machinima series created by Combat Wombat92. Three Average, but annoying halo 3 players are strangely paired up with each other to become bungies last hope.

Episode listEdit

Episode 1 - How we met

two halo 3 players are taking cover behind a rock blocking fire from the turret during a game in valhalla. Byran, who isnt serious by the game, is annoyed by his friend who takes too serious. he takes it so serious that ignores the fact they can go around to avoid being killed or when he change the turret and died, he think he died and ignore the fact he respawn in a few seconds. byran leaves him when he takes too serious when he asks to tell his family he loves them and to give him a kiss which very creeps him out. during another game in narrows, an over active player and a guy name jeff who is trying to kill him self in the game are greeted by a player wearing recon armor. he offers jeff in he LLG team if only he says yes. when he doesnt say anything, the recon guy call him noob and leaves. the active player tries to ask to join but is shot down. during a game in last stand, a player name mark is talking to himself then decides to drive a warthog and runs over two people. somewhere in a unknown place in the halo gameverse. a mysterious person is building some kind of device and is finich. 3 seconds later the device starts to go haywire. during thier games, byran, jeff, and mark to an unknown location.

Episode 2 - where are we

Mark is standing in the middle of the map avalancha when master chief comes out of nowhere and starts teabaging him. later he wakes up to find out of have being a dream and also another halo 3 player had it to. they are on the map last stand, where he and byran intrduce to each other. later byran shows mark something he needs to see which is video about whats going on. on bungie news, they find out a hacker cause everyone to see a bright light and have a wierd dream where master chief rapes them for no reason on avalancha. the bungie reporter states that officials will hunt down the hacker, then asks what the weather like from shishka, where he states everyone will be banned. byran also tells mark that bungie told them that halo 3 player log off, being afraid of being super hacker and might hack into thier accounts. byran then introduces him to jeff, who only speaks with body language and to to viewers subtitles at the end of the episode, saying thier the only three stuck in this canyon.

Episode 3

Episode 4

'Episode 5'


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