Shortest Machinima Ever Made was a machinima created by AVHer Machinima and Old Time Productions.


Recruit OrangeEdit

Appeared in every episode.

The only person in the series with actual common sense.

Private PurpleEdit

Private Purple is a person obsessed with Hominy beans. And always uses hominy at least once in a sentence.

For example:


He seemed to have took a shine to Sergeant Red before he died, but when he came back as a ghost the second time Purple seems to hate him. He also had a dark side. Sometimes, randomly, his armor color becomes black for no reason and goes


He seems to be able to control it though, as he can stop it. The reason for this has not yet been explained, but it may be just a random joke. He is an avid Guitar Hero and Super Mario addict.

Private BlueEdit

Blue seems to have a british accent, but in the first episode, he randomly changes his accent to redneck. Only for a few seconds. This is pointed out by Red. He can turn into the "IMMA FIRIN' MAH LAZAR!" person.

Sergeant RedEdit

After Unspecified Rank White killed Red, he became a ghost, and came back later. He seemed to like hominy beans like Purple, but didn't randomly blurt it out like Purple. He has a Royal Crown Cola collection. He is proclaimed smart by himself.

Unspecified Rank WhiteEdit

The villain of the series. He killed Sergeant Red.


  • It's The Shortest Machinima Ever Made

The teams discuss random matters. Unspecified Rank White kills Red with a grenade. Purple is shocked. Purple randomly turns black and screams whenever turning black.

  • It's The Shortest Machinima Ever Made 2!

Purple mourns Red's death. But Orange points out he only knew him for two minutes. This drives Purple in his crazy (black, screaming) state. And in this state, he obtains a rocket, Orange questions how he got it, and takes it from him. The tombstone for Red breaks but nobody cares. Blue goes after a snapping turtle, takes a picture of it and mistakes it for a bat. Red comes back as a ghost, but Purple re-getting the rocket ruins any chances for a real conversation. And, since he's in black mode he starts firing when it fades to black.

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