SoFallenfilms is a halo 3 machinima maker who makes short films on his youtube account or website. He also contribute machinima short films on the youtube machinima account or His most popular list of films would be call of duty modern warfare 2 characters playing halo 3 with the same player where they have to deal with thier antics that gets them to lose SoFallenFilms was originally known as DivineThrone.

short filmsEdit

The plasma pistol project

An Elementary school is making a video project explaining the plasma pistol. but it may go horrible wrong when some of the kids might hurt or kill each other.

Yes, i am a general

A Halo 3 Player thinks a little too highly of himself.

if batman played halo 3

Batman takes on the world of matchmaking but other player might have to deal with skills at sucking at halo.

captain price plays halo 3

An unexpected guest joins a team slayer match.

why is he singing?

Matchmaking can be tough, especially when one of your teammate's sings the whole time.

without a reason

A look inside the detail that is portrayed in matchmaking.

general sheperd plays halo 3

An unexpected guest joins a team slayer match.

does anyone play halo 3?

inside the mind of a halo 3 player

captain mactavish plays halo 3

angry modern warfare 2 kid

new halo update

hostile activity

marcus fenix plays halo 3

that guy on our team

Halo 3 societyEdit

soFallenfilms have also made a machinima series that center around two players of halo 3 that try to find the source of a virus infecting halo 3 players and profiles. the crew of stop at episode 3 and any wonder if they will pick it up again.

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