Soltri is an Elite in the Running Gun production, Spriggs.


Soltri is a pink Elite that carries around a beam rifle or a sniper rifle.


In Spriggs, Soltri is one of three Elite brothers that crash land on Zambai 7 (due to Rotri's stupidity). Soltri is trapped on Zambai 7 with his two brothers, Roltri and Boltri (or Boom-Boom), and the spartans Triple M, Willy, Spriggs, Hammer, Meme, and later on, General Volin and Rogir. Soltri is more of the logical of the 3 Elite brothers. In the episode he first appears in, we see him and his brothers in a human base trying to steal food because they ate all the food. The brothers then steal a Warthog and start singing, "Napalm sticks to little kids, do-dah, do-dah," while Soltri is riding shotgun.

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