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Created by:

Running Gun Productions

Directed by:

Running Gun Productions


Running Gun Productions


November 15, 2007 - April 14, 2009

Running time:

7 minutes (average)

Number of episodes:

1 season; Other
  • 14 (Main Episodes)
  • 6 (Other)
Spriggs is a Halo 3 machinima science-fiction comedy series created by Running Gun Productions, and has been distributed from the Internet. The series is about a group known as the fifth intergalactic infantry who are abandoned by the proclaimed army and are left on Zambai 7.


With the galaxy now at peace after the Intergalactic Civil War, the humans have signed a peace treaty with the Covenant Elites. The series opens up after three war veterans are removed from their original posts and are to form the fifth intergalactic semi-mechanised infantry battalion. However, what they do not know is that it is just a plot to keep those chosen few away from the army from causing anymore damage than what they had already caused.

Episodes Edit

Episode 1 - Spriggs! Edit

Length - 4:17

Willy is once again trying to kill Spriggs. Hammer then assigns Triple M to put a stop to this after promoting him to Sergeant. Triple M at first manages to calm Willy down before Spriggs causes him to lose it again and makes him fire multiple rockets at random directions just to try to hit Spriggs, only to accidentally fire a rocket into Hammer's command room while he was trying to call in for more soldiers setting off explosions inside and making him fly into a wall. Triple M then comments that at least he didn't hit anything important.

Episode 2 - HousecallEdit

Length - 6:14

Willy and Triple M bring Hammer to a room, to await the nurse that will arrive to heal Hammer's wounds. They drop him twice along the way and Willy is afraid to watch him alone, despite Hammer being crippled. Hammer then threatens to slit Willy and Triple M's throats and watch them bleed. Hammer says that he doesn't feel his balls, and threatens to rip Willy's balls off. Willy then tells Hammer of a nurse coming, Hammer then asks which and discovers it is one he doesn't want to be healed by. As Hammer asks for a pistol, the nurse Meme arrives. Meme asks Willy to leave but Hammer insists to stay. But, after an argument between Hammer and Meme, Willy eventually runs off while Hammer begs Willy to stay, offering to buy him hookers, a boat, a car, and a boat full of hookers. Meme then says its just her and him, much to Hammer's dismay. Willy then comments that he is going to blog about this. Spriggs arrives and Willy thanks him for a number of things in the past, promising a quick and painless death. However, Spriggs repays him by smashing his Mongoose into Willy.

Episode 3 - My Tank is Fight! Edit

Length - 6:28

Spriggs then heads out the same building and Willy says that "this means war". While Meme is "healing" Hammer, he accuses her of harvesting him for organs, she claims that he is not worth it whatsoever as his meat is and always was for "unfit for consumption". Hammer then claims that his "meat is prime cut". Meme then tells Hammer of no Pelican drop for two weeks and that personnel are transferred using Hornets, in which the episode flashes back to Meme screaming while on the side a Hornet. Willy meanwhile prepares to face off against Spriggs again while Triple M checks up on him. Willy attempts to target Spriggs but can't get him to stay still. Suddenly Spriggs then appears three times at once confusing Willy enough to allow Spriggs to get into a tank to chase and shoot a panicking Willy who claims that he has a wife and eight kids somewhere, also destroying his weapons. During the credits there are three aliens (Covenant Elites) talking about a spaceship crash.

Episode 4 - Cake or Death? Edit

Length – 10:33

Willy asks Triple M to open the front gate of the complex but has to go through an extremely complicated computer system that may set off either flame turrets, deadly neurotoxin, or floor spikes, and was told not to go for the cake because that was how they lost their Major. During his lecture on how to operate, Meme contacts Triple M for supplies, Hammer begs Triple M to get him out of Meme's care, claiming that she hit him again. Triple M then gets a call from General Vollin who needed to speak to Captain Meme and asks Triple M not to kidnap any more friendly generals, when General V finishes her message Triple M mutters "bitch", which Meme hears and is then told by Triple M that Vollin wants to speak to her. Willy then interrupts the line by hacking into it and asking to open the door, and if they need any Morphine, which Hammer demands. Triple M manages to open the door at last. The Aliens, meanwhile, are arguing about what to do, the White Alien wants food while the Grey one suggests killing and eating the humans while the Blue one comments about how they taste. They then steal a Warthog and drive off with it. Triple M then is checking inventory to make some sort of Mech. Willy manages to steal Spriggs's Mongoose only for Spriggs to have a spare. Willy then carelessly drives it over a hill. Spriggs then drives by Triple M who wishes for a Mongoose, only to have it drop out of the sky. He then tries a more whimsical wish only to get Willy to land on the ground. Willy then pursues Spriggs with a flamethrower, attempts to trap Spriggs and after doing so attempts to kill him with a tank only when he attempts to fire the tank explodes, he then fires multiple rockets at Spriggs again only to fire a straight shot that completely ruins Triple M's attempt at producing his Mech.

Episode 5 - Hammer Time! Edit

Length – 6:38

Meme announces that she has finished Hammer's treatment from the rocket accidentally launched by Willy in Episode 1. Hammer asks how he looks and the three sugarcoat it due to the fact that Meme has made him look like an Flight Elite. When Triple M asks Spriggs how Hammer looks, Spriggs responds by a series of swear words (which are bleeped because of a running gag that Spriggs speaks in a series of beeps) they restate their comments about Hammer's appearance such as Meme quotes "I did my job to the human race to ensure that you would never breed again tehe," Hammer says that he is going for a drive and gets in his suit and says it its harder to fit in. The aliens meanwhile have come back and Roltri comments that the mission was successful but Soltri comments that he is not reliable while Boltri is trying to get their attention while Roltri recollects that he got the alien three translator in which Soltri comments on why the Grunts were so willing to trade three of theirs for the aliens' one translator. Boltri then finally gets their attention, asking if they remembered to get any food, which they didn't, much to Soltri's dismay. While back at the base Hammer angrily asks where the tanks have gone, in which Triple M blames Willy and says that they could potentially be half way to Kansas. Hammer asks why would they be half way to Kansas in which Triple M comments that he was trying to build his mech and also used many power cores. Hammer asks Willy to complete a report on the possibility on where the tanks might be at in six hours. Willy asks why, and Hammer replies "I need napkins for my donuts," then asks Triple M to find any spare power cores instead of usual toilet detail which Hammer gives to Meme. Hammer says that this is his base and she should be working under him if shes gonna be watching him. The next scene shows Hammer cleaning up the toilets. Hammer says to Triple M "Well that went well," in which Triple M replies that "You really showed her," before Meme orders them to get back to work.

Episode 6 - Spriggs: Unloaded Edit

Length – 8:00

Summary -

The entire base is taken for a joyride when Willy goes after Spriggs with a tank, with Triple M holding on to the tank. Willy and Triple M crash into Hammer's warthog, being used by the aliens. Triple M ends up in the Warthog with Soltri and the other two aliens end up on the tank, later on Willy runs over Hammer and Meme, Hammer gets on Spriggs' Mongoose and tells him to stop when Willy almost ran them over, he tells Spriggs to forget what he said and tells Willy to stop, who refuses to do so. Meme ends up on the warthog's turret with on of the aliens driving in circles and Triple M pointing at him with a pistol and then a shotgun. When Willy believes that he has Spriggs, he drives toward a hill, the warthog following behind. The tank and the Warthog are driven off a cliff, now Spriggs is the only one with a vehicle. Triple M asks Spriggs for a ride, but he drives away, later Meme ask Willy where does he get his gear, he tells them that he got it delivered and Meme says that he gets Burger King, Pizza Hut, etc. Triple M attempts to kill Willy. The crew then finds out that they were abandoned. At the end it shows that a Second Lieutenant, Rogir, was spying on them and informing General V. of the situation, V, says now that they know he should pull out. He says that "it would be a miracle for anyone to find him out there" while Rotri was sneaking up on him.

Episode 7 – The Heart of Dorkness Edit

Length – 15:54

Summary - Part A: The aliens found their new captive. Rogir tells them how it started, when General V. choose him to infiltrate Zumbai 7. When he arrived at the valley the Hornet is destroyed by one of Willy's power cores, with the intention of killing Spriggs. Rogir even says that watching Willy trying to kill Spriggs is even better than TV. WhenWilly runs out of power cores he tells Spriggs to come there tomorrow, Spriggs responds with beeps. Willy goes to his Warthog and when he doesn't find his power cores he blames Triple M and takes the Wathog's turret. Willy threatens Triple M with the turret while Triple M is repairing a tank, Willy is then threatened with the tank. Spriggs then comes with his Mongoose and scares Willy, making him jump and fall. Willy takes Triple M's tank and pursues Spriggs, while Triple M holds on to the tank and yells at Willy. Then Rogir tells how the pursuit takes everyone for a ride and how the crew were arguing among themselves. The aliens tired and annoyed about his report, shut him up by meleeing him in the back.

Part B: Willy and the crew head back to the base. On their way Spriggs comes with a Warthog, but Willy tells him that he is too tired to kill him and to take the Warthog and keep driving, Meme and Hammer go running after Spriggs. When Rogir wakes up he yells that he likes himself alive to do things until the aliens shut him up and tell him to take them to their leader, Boom- Boom shoots a Spartan Laser near him and Rogir says that this is a violation to the Human-Elite peace agreement. The Elites then misunderstood what he said and they tell Boom-Boom to kill him, but they start talking and the Elites confess that he is their first real prisoner of war, that's when they learn that the war is over. Then Rogir tells about the time that Triple M put an Elite General in a tu-tu, which was their father, the elites say they must avenge their father. Back at the base, the aliens contact with them and say that they'll have to engage them or the princess Peach would be feed to the demon Mario, but the crew think that it is the TV.

Episode 8 – Special Delivery Edit

Length – 12:17

Summary - Part A: Willy complains about being abandoned and the terrible cable of the aliens while the crew play with cards, Triple M asks Spriggs for twos and Willy, once again, attempts to kill him, the crew protect Spriggs and ask Willy who he would like to kill: the rats that put them there or Spriggs. After the question Willy's brain overloads and Meme cures him, but after the same question his brain overloads, again. After curing him, Meme tells Willy that she will do the same thing he'll do to Spriggs but worse, Meme tells Spriggs to leave the room. Outside Spriggs sees Hornets of the General V. and her tribulation and goes after them on his Mongoose. In the meantime, the crew wants to get off Zumbai and tell Willy to say who's been delivering all of his gear from across the galaxy, then Willy starts talking to nothing in particular, and tells it to come out and show itself. Willy yells "Spriggs" and tell them that the thing ran off with him. Willy has another idea, but he needs to go to sub-station. Meme and Triple M go to figure out what he's up to.

Part B: Meanwhile, General V's intention is to kill Willy and the crew. Spriggs goes on his Mongoose to a point where he can get any kill with a sniper. General V. wants to maintain the element of surprise but the aliens appear in front of them, thinking that they are the humans they contacted. They fight, while Spriggs shots at the General's soldiers. Spriggs throws a grenade at the aliens and goes for the General, while the General says that is just Spriggs and her, Spriggs shots and hits her while she's talking. At the sub-station Triple M voices his concerns about hearing shots, punches and explosions, which was Spriggs clearing their way of the General's soldiers.

Episode 9 – Major Pain Edit

Length – 13:24

Summary - Part A: The aliens were fine after the explosion, but Boltri landed on his head and Rotri has spikes in his chest, which exploded while they tried to find a solution. Meanwhile in the sub-station Spriggs takes care of the soldiers while Willy exposes a traitor in their midst; the computer. Willy threatens the computer and it tells them, that it's working for General Vollin, Meme asks some questions which the computer responds by saying that the files are not found, the computer than informs them that they are under attack.

Part B: Back at the base, soldiers go after Hammer, he blows up the first squad but they keep coming and Hammer has to run for his life, he finds a place to hide but is instantly found and keeps running. Hammer contacts Triple M and Meme and they tell him who sent them. Meme expresses concern about his torture ending too quickly and Triple M tells him where his gear is. Meanwhile, the elites take a tank and blow up the soldiers in their way. At the base Hammer gets in a Chopper and drives over some soldiers. Spriggs neutralizes soldiers while going to the sub-station, where Willy suffers another overload while talking.

Episode 10 - Intercepted Edit

Length – 11:52

Summary - Part A: Vollin calls the Colonel for help. Meanwhile, the crew don't know what to do to with Willy's brain overload, until Spriggs hits him on the back throwing him to the floor but also curing him from the overload, then Willy, after making a body-shaped hole on the wall, chases him. The aliens are killing everything that comes in their way, even though they don't know what some things are. Meme and Triple M download everything on the computer, but after Meme leaves Triple M is surrounded by soldiers, he manages to escape, and Meme and him lock themselves. At the base, General V. and Hammer start fighting in a Hornet and a Chopper, Rogir falls off the Hornet and hits a Pelican. When Hammer thinks he's free, Vollin comes out of a rock and Hammer calls her a "psycho ex", and escapes while Vollin shots at him.

Part B: Meme and Triple M contact Rainbow squad but they only find Sarah Pink. Spriggs goes getting attention of soldiers while Willy shoots them trying to hit Spriggs, Willy manages to get on Spriggs' Mongoose and finish the soldiers off while saying "kill stealer, no kill steal", and also destroys the General's Hornet. Hammer stops them and tells Willy to knock it off, while the aliens decide to shot at them or not. Triple M tells Sarah Pink that they are in a bad situation, and tells her not to tell anyone, but while he says that she cuts the communication off.

Episode 11 – Bullet Points Edit

Length – 16:09

Summary - Part A: The Zambais are having serious problems. Sarah Pink talks to her diary about what Triple M told her. The weather is the same "really cold", and rain is expected on Zambai by an apocalypse. Hammer gets shot by the tank while Spriggs and Willy escape the explosion, and his helmet blows off, the elites think he's a ship master and apologize, but when Hammer starts to complain Boom-Boom hits him, the others respond by hitting Boom-Boom. Willy finds a new friend, Rogir, who thinks Willy's someone else and starts talking to him until Willy asks for Spriggs, Rogir starts thinking out loud and Willy takes him prisioner. Meme and Hammer have "alone" time, and while the guards are talking, the German soldiers come in. Vollin then comes in with other Germans to blow the door, realizing it will take half an hour, everyone places lunch orders.

Part B: Sarah's personal diary is heard on every Zambai radio. Rogir complains about being a hostage again, so Willy tells him to think of it as being "a forced guest" and Rogir gets satisfied with that. The help Meme and Triple M called for are having a trouble with the traffic and the people don't want to work together. Vollin and the professional soldiers try to open the door but fail by opening a back door, where Meme and Triple M escape.

Episode 12 - Blitzkrieg Ball Edit

Length - about 15 mins

Summary - Part A: While Spriggs gets rid of the soldiers, Willy presents his malfunctioning A.I. robot, which shots two lasers at Rogir for being "scared". Willy shows what it does by making it produce a scorpion tank and 300 happy meals, but when Willy asks for alcohol it denies. After Rogir corrects him, Willy asks for 50 gallons of vodka, which fall on Rogir. Rogir can't feel anything but starts drinking the vodka.
Part B: Meanwhile, Hammer finally wakes before the aliens, who call him an honorary warrior. The aliens introduce themselves, they start blaming Boom-Boom for the shots in the head. After Hammer asks their age in human years the aliens call him ship master, Hammer tells them that he's not a ship master, instead a fleet master. Hammer tells them about the peace treaty and orders them not to kill humans. Hammer interrogates them to see how good they are in human relationships, he asks their age in human years, which is 14.7 human years, and their ranks. Willy and Rogir got drunk and start talking crazy talk and after saying that it's all over, Rogir vomits and tells Willy that he's too drunk to be his prisoner and that he should let him free. In the soldiers' ship Vollin and the two German soldiers have a discussion about who is going to press the bottom to destroy the base. After destroying the base the computer tells about survivors. The aliens are suspicious about Hammer and think he might be a traitor, then Hammer comes asking on who they want revenge, Hammer tells them that Triple M is actually Rogir and that he is going to avenge their father's honor.

Part C: Meme and Triple M escape the soldiers following them on Mongooses and tanks, but when Meme drives toward the giant moving wheel Triple M hits a part of the wheel and falls off the warthog, and Meme is taken by the gray team. Rogir finishes a story for his freedom and tells Willy to let him go, but Willy tells him to say all about Triple M. Hammer and the aliens discuss how to get rid of the "Triple M", and Boom-Boom is thrown to the cell. Rogir finishes the story about Triple M and gets worried when Willy says that he's sergeant and when Willy asks what's the worst that can happen if Triple M is Sergeant Murphy he gets stroke by three lightnings.

Episode 13 - All Hail The Murphy Edit

Length - 9:19

Summary - When Rogir and Willy talk about the lightning striking Willy, Spriggs runs over Willy with a Warthog and Willy chases him, Rogir is blown up by one of the missiles. Spriggs hits the brakes and Willy hit the Warthog hard enough to end up under the Warthog, Spriggs runs over him four times and hits him. When Willy thinks it going to be ok the aliens run over him with a tank. In the meantime Triple M lands on a platform and then follows Rogir and tries to take Triple M as a prisoner, but after checking his gun to see if it's empty Triple M points at him with a pistol. Hammer and the aliens come singing in the tank, Roltri tells Triple M that they're going to blow him up. Triple M escapes but the aliens shoot Rogir and he starts running after Triple M. Willy tells his A.I. robot to produce a Wraith and tries to blow Spriggs up with it, but Rogir, Triple M, the aliens, and Hammer interrupt him and then Spriggs escapes with his Warthog. Willy not able to turn the Wraith, follows Spriggs on feet. Meanwhile, Meme is given to the Pink team, who hit on her until the rainbow squad appear to kick their butts. When the soldiers get to their formation, Sarah Pink gets in their formation because she is a pink too. Meme then goes to the washroom. When they're going to start the fight, Rogir and Triple M appear running from the aliens with Hammer behind them and Spriggs followed by Willy shooting missiles. Then Vollin appears with Gray team and along with the Pink team and the Rainbow squad they follow the crew.

Episode 14 - Final Countdown (Season Finale)Edit


Summary - Hammer finds a way of ending the persecution, he gets a tank and crashes with the aliens' tank, Spriggs crashes with them, the Pink team crashes with Spriggs and also run over Willy, and the Rainbow squad crashes with them and start fighting. The Gray team are satisfied that they gave Meme to Pink team and also that they are safe and not in the battle, but Meme comes and pushes them off the cliff. When Willy gets up, a member of the Gray team falls on him. The Rainbow squad leave when the fight is over. The aliens try to kill Triple M, but fall back to the original plan; destroy the humans. Hammer tells them that Triple M is Vollin, and she orders the Pink team to open fire, but they are crying over a fallen comrade. Vollin tells them to destroy the tanks and they go to the ship to shot it with the cannons. Vollin think she has them overwhelmed until the aliens point at her with the tank. They are about to fire when Willy gets on their way, the aliens throw something to Willy's nose. Meme comes from Vollin's back and points at her, Willy asks Vollin where is Spriggs and Meme hits him. Triple M starts talking to Rogir and the aliens and Hammer point at them, but then Willy interrupts once again. The Pink team tells that they're going to destroy them with a nuclear firebolt but Willy orders them noT to and listen, he says a long speech on how stupid everyone is and that they should work together, until Spriggs comes in his Mongoose and Willy loses it. The Pink team are down with them and say that his ship has been stolen, and taken out of Zambai. Vollin is then contacted by Agent Dodd, the new head of naval intelligence, saying that he's going to blow the planet and that she's annoyingly hard to kill. The aliens then start fighting with Vollin and the Pink and Gray team. Triple M tries to escapes and Rogir is blown up by Willy while chasing Spriggs. Meme asks if they won and Hammer tells her to kiss him, but Meme shoots at him. At the end Spriggs stops and says, with a girl's voice, "Well, that's all, folks".

Spriggs Shorts and Other Videos Edit

Willy’s Interlude Edit

Length – 1:09

Summary –

Willy briefly shares his thoughts, or lack thereof. As he explains his thoughts.

Triple M at the Pulpit Edit

Length – 0:46

Summary –

Triple M reads from the “Holy Book of Armaments” Book 6, Ithica vs M91, line 006 praising the Gravity Hammer, Energy Sword and 45’s so that his enemies may taste his righteous fury. He is then interrupted by Willy asking if righteous fury comes in watermelon.

When Willy met Hammer Part One Edit

Length – 0:59

Summary –

The short opens with Hammer praising his new job. Among the praise he comments about no more exes, no more trip mines in bed, and no more body disposal. After the praise is over, he walks out and comments on meeting the men of the Fifth Intergalactic Infantry. His commentary is cut short by Spriggs, who rides past on his Mongoose, and Willy, who runs him over with a Warthog, saying "Out of the way, toast box!" in the process.

When Willy met Hammer Part Two Edit

Length – 1:42

Summary – Hammer a practiced speech to Willy saying that he forgives him and that happen when there's no order..., Willy asks Hammer if he's gay. Willy says that he thought that the major was a master making stupid speeches and tells Hammer to teach him. To make it simple Hammer tells Willy that if he does it again he'll kick his ass. Willy then goes to the Warthog and runs over Hammer because it was in reverse, he apologize and mumbles "three unintentional homicides in a week" and drives forward. Hammer tells him that he's going to kick his ass when he feels his legs.

Studio Filler Time Edit

Length – 3:32

Summary –

Behind the Scenes 2: I Can Haz License? Edit

Length – 2:18

Summary –


Main CharactersEdit

  • Hammer
  • Triple M
  • Willy
  • Spriggs
  • Meme
  • Vollin
  • Rogir
  • The Three Aliens
  • Soltri
  • Boltri
  • Rotri

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Sarah Pink
  • Jim Black
  • Wendy Yellow
  • Phillip Blue
  • Tom Red

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