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Super Space Gordon is a Halo 3 Machinima series by TGO GMBH. It is named after its main character Super Space Gordon, an over-the-top self declared super hero whose own personnal mission is to kick some ass and save some damsels in distress as he like to call them. Based on intensive special effects, the series is an attempted at mixing humours dialogs and situation with proper action sequences without falling completely into either of these categories while filling an empty spot between dialog-based machinimas and serious action-oriented ones.


The series takes place in a particular universe strongly separated from the Halo storyline. It has its own codes and set of characters.The presence of Robot Ninjas, secondaries dimensions and outer-space portals hint at a massively different universe from ours.


Super Space GordonEdit


Super Space Gordon

The main protagonist of the series is determined to eradicate some Robot Ninjas by any possible means. Much like a future version of Don Quichote, he is self-convinced that any girl is a potential Damsel in Distress and is in need of his urgent help.Very few is known from his personnal story or past except his constant bragging of defeating up to 451 Robot Ninjas at the same time and that he has a real love affair with his quad bike.He is yet to find his ultimate nemesis, a real ennemy that could be killed and would brought him wealth and glory.

AKA: SSG, Super-G, Gordy

Voice Actor: Danznews

The Robot NinjasEdit

The most basic ennemis of the Super Space Gordon universe, they are rather slow, pretty dumb and unable to face Super Space Gordon's awesomeness. But their cheap materials make them very easy and unexpansive to produce which is the reason why they is so many of them in any combat.They don't really talk or express themselves in any other way than a constant robot beeping, yet, when not in attack mode, they manage to whistle some tunes they enjoy.

Her/Bounty HuntressEdit

An unnamed lethal bounty huntress that Super Space Gordon keep running into and desperately try to save.As a strong independent bounty huntress she feels like no one should or could ever do her a favor. But for some reason she is constantly hasseled by Super Space Gordon who keeps thinking she's a damsel in distress.It appears that she runs a smuggler company dedicated in cheap shurikens whith stickers on them.Her predilection vehicle is definitely an Army Tank she sometimes uses to scare Super Space Gordon.

Voice Actor: Taxidermy Girl

The Master of DimensionsEdit

This enigmatic asian wise person presented himself to Gordon as the Master of Dimensions. But his capacity to actually interact with anyone is largely doubted as he tends to disapear in case of dangerous events.

Voice Actor: Gassy Mexican

Episode Guide Edit

# Title Episode Length Voice acting Summary
1 Super Space Gordon and the Robots-Ninjas!! 4:12 No The robot ninjas have kidnapped the princess. Setting her free is no easy job. It's a job for Super Space Gordon!!!

This Episode was created for a contest organized by defunct site Virtual Flicks[1]

2 Super Space Gordon and the Deadly Dimensions 8:21 Yes A Bad Guy and a Damsel in distress. That is all it takes to have Super Space Gordon back on duty. But when the killer runs away and deadly dimensions are involved, who knows what can happen?[2]
3 The Adventures of the Robot-Ninjas!! 1:33 No The Robot-Ninjas try to found a new way to stop Super Space Gordon.[3]
4 Super Space Gordon versus the Angry Truck from Outer Space 6:11 Yes When not in a hurry to kick some Robot-Ninjas' ass or to save a Damsel in Distress, Super Space Gordon likes to have his bike polished, but it looks like the Angry Truck From Outer Space feels other way... No tank was damaged during shooting.[4]


Episode 1Edit

  • "Fantastic combination of in-game footage and special effects... and an entertaining story, to boot." - Louis Wu (Halo.Bungie.Org)
  • "Awesome, these guys always make entertaining videos. The effects were unique and the action was cool. (...) the vid was completely awesometacular" - jaime98s

Episode 2Edit

Episode 4Edit

  • "I'm pretty sure this was the product of hallucinogenic mushrooms... or maybe bad egg salad. I'm still not sure what was going on. But I can say it was fun!" - Louis Wu (Halo.Bungie.Org)





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