Tbmt productions (The Barron's movie team) are a group of machinimators on halo ce.

they are famous for creating "how to make machinima on halo ce" and are currently continuing the series with "how to make machinima on halo 2"

Tbmt was started in 2007 but never became a official machinima group.The Barron had gotten a fatal error on his xfire and had not been seen again until until 2008. he decided to make a official machinima team and made a xfire clan for it by the name of Tbmt productions.

on March 07, 2008, The Barron put his first video on youtube. it was a update/montage that he had created.

On March 23, 2008, The Barron released a video tutorial on how to make machinima on halo ce. It was instantly a big hit and as of august 21, 2008 has 3,969 views.The Barron only gave part of the tutorial, instead, leaving the that job up to wolf, who is one of the biggest contributers to Tbmt productions. He is very similar to The Dead Pixel of inside halo who teaches the viewers on how to make machinima on halo 3.