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Founded in 2011. Zedd of TheZeddProductions was recently brought upon the Halo Machinima Community. By being a fan of work from the "Halo 3 Days", Zedd watched many Machinima Productions over the past 6 years and studied through that way, enjoying every machinima he watched. Becoming huge fucking Halo Machinima Fan Boy to the next level. Jack HF has been quoted to say "Zedd needs to be like, fired into the sun or something."

Becoming KnownEdit

TheZeddProductions became known by coming to Halo Machinima Directors in the current generation of the Halo Machinima Community. Directors such as, Darknesskirby2, Saviorself Films(Black Phenoix Studios at the time), and Pickleman Machinima.

Zedd is allegedly the most connected person within the entire halo machinima community.


Machinima Retrospect: 

Machinima Retrospect is a, "show," in which Zedd speaks about Halo Machinima and it's prospective upon earlier generations and comparing them to the current generation/community. 

Delinquent Pair:

is a current Machinima Production released by The Zedd Productions.Saying that it's his first "true" Halo Machinima Production and was used to be apart of a contest by The Onix Studios. Getting 5th place.


Delinquent Pair Episode 1Edit

Following Leonard and David, a dynamic duo who talk, sing and rough up people (Spoilers!).

External LinksEdit

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