This is an event that took place in the machinima Besieged. This was a battle between the armies of New Troy and New Sparta. The battle was fought on Outpost 001, one of New Sparta's largest military fortifications not surrnding the city. The outpost served two main purposes. To protect the farming towns below, and to provide radar access to the farming area. Securing this outpost was crucial if New Troy planned on cutting of New Sparta's resources.


The New Trojan army attacked on sunset 7/28/2476. They stormed the fort, pushing the New Spartans back. The New Trojans did not destroy the radar, they wanted to use it for their advantage. The New Spartans attempting to push back to the radar tower were forced to make camp at night. The next morning the New Trojans attack and eliminated the resistance in the makeshift camp. The battle was a complete victory for the New Trojan soldiers, as the New Spartan soldiers never saw it coming.


The majority of this battle cannot be understated. Without this small capture, New Sparta would have seen her farms being attacked in the upcoming weeks. This fort was also a good launching point for an attack on either New Troy or New Sparta. This resource the New Trojans would never leave untapped.

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