The Dead Pixel, or Adam Kovic, is a member of and is currently the host of's news/comedy series, "Inside Halo".

Inside Halo Edit

The Dead Pixel has been the host of Inside Halo since SodaGod went on hiatus to work on a separate project. He started on the show as a recurring character who originally did small segments teaching users how to make their own Halo 3 machinimas. He later went on to host an additional segment titled "Screengrabz" which showcased Halo screenshots sent in by viewers. He was later chosen to co-host the show with SodaGod.

Hey Khail, whhhhatup?

Not much Adam! Why don't they say anything about our show Critical Flaw on here? Plus I don't remember the Screengrabz thing. You should regale me of stories of such things.