A halo 3 machinima comedy series made by the wingmen. follow the gang as they encounter thier first infected and emark on thier journey

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Episode 1

The first episodes start off with a hot rod reference when four friend walk down the streets of last resort with zombies either eating or watching as they walk around. then all zombies notices and decide to eat them when one of four guys "shit" and "this was a bad idea" as they start shooting zombies while running. one of of the characters say that two week ago a strange infection infected halo 3 and they try to survive. 2 weeks ago, the wingmen, nom, pepper, tom, cotton, and fiddler, are members of clan wingmen and have been called to meeting with people by bugie to high ground base. they are told to bring only plasma pistols and none other weapon. after making pepper stick with only the plasma pistol, the group head out to high ground and all the player are gather in the center of it. an annoucer anounces he has an anoucement to make froma bungie employer rex on the computer screen. he greet the player then says he gonna play one of his games and then turn the annoucer into an infected form and rex says the game begins now. the infected attacks other player and starts ithe infection and rex closes the gate to trap them. nom tells the survivers to head inside while he takes out the zombie. the group head inside and have no way to use the pipe because of zombies blocking it. when another surviver comes in and says thier all going to die, fiddler knocks him out and zombies feed on him as they make thier escape outside of high ground. nom catches up and says he will hold them off as they escape, but one of the zombies gets him. the four survivers make it outside of high ground and wonder what to do now. they decide to head back to thier base with a warthog and mongoose they find.

Episode 2



Nom -

Pepper -

Tom -

Cotten -

Fiddler -


Rex -

Zombies -

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