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Sandguardians Episode 10

The Invasion of Bungie ia a Halo 3 machinima special which honors the release of the halo reach game. When the bungie company finish the halo reach game, they have a party for completion at their headquarters but a group of halo nerds plan an attack during the party in hopes of getting the game before its released.

Part 1Edit

At the shore of bungie headquarters, a army of halo nerds emerge from the water charging to the headquarters shouting they want halo reach. Inside, bungie employee’s party on the completion of halo reach. In the back, someone keeps a eye on the game when he checks the outside monitors and discovers the army of halo nerd charging at their base. He tells the gate keeper the incoming of halo nerds and tells him to close the front gate. The gate keeper tells him its his first day and doesn’t know how to close it. The halo nerd zombies get ever closer and after he hits the control panel, the gate closes. He congrats himself of closing the gate but the other don’t and he decides to go to his cubical. On the shore, three friends are late for the invasion party. When they start marching up the hill, one of them keeps shouting brains and when the other two hear this, they tell him to go home. He cries on the way back into the water and other two head for the invasion party. The halo nerds shout out halo reach outside the gate and when the two reach up to them, they ask one of them what are they doing. They say since they cant get in, they starting walking back and forth outside, which they say outside that makes sense. Bungie employees on the gate wall tricks some of the halo nerds to check out but it is a trap. The bungie employee’s laugh at them as the halo nerd leader says they will get halo reach before its released. The bungie employees say they cant get past their ban hammers but one of them spills they don’t have ban hammers, which another says who said that. The two nerd who were late, found a secret entrance inside the base. The bungie employees try to figure out what to do when one of them suggest they use the machine gun turret. As he fires on them, the halo nerds panic. The two break open the entrance and fall in. the bungie employee keeps firing on the nerds and two find gun down their and head inside. The two then face against a bungie employee name land pirate with an energy sword.


Part 2Edit

Coming Soon...

Part 3Edit

Coming Soon...


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