The StoryEdit

By 2552, many of Humanity's Inner Colonies have been destroyed by the Covenant and Reach was next. In a move of desperation, the Office of Naval Intelligence Section-3 SPARTAN division orders the execution of a secret plan to capture a Covenant ship using their SPARTAN forces and find their home world in order to capture a Prophet, one of their religious leaders, and then use the Prophet as a bargaining chip to negotiate a truce. During the preperation of this, another team of SPARTANS were preparing themselves for another task, they were going to be sent to capture another covenant ship to gain more information about the covenant in hope to find what they are looking for.

It begins on the Planet Reach in the northern area of the world, SPARTAN group Bravo were guarding a dig site were a group of researchers were examining forerunner artifacts. Spartan group Bravo then recieve confirmation that the mission is now in operation.

Created by OuterShadowProductions, it was going to be stopped, but they then decided to restart the machinima due to intrest in it.

This Machinima will follow the main halo storyline but add it's own events into it. Example of this is being; When the Pillar of Autumn arrives at Halo and lands on it the main group will also go onto Halo. It will start at The Fall of Reach and Continue past Halo 3.



SPARTAN Group Bravo


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