The Life of Logan is a Halo 3 machinima created by ZealousSangheili. It follows the life of a young boy named Logan who creates a clan called the Pretty Swirly Clan


The plot mainly follows Logan as he plays Halo 3 matchmaking. He also goes on the run as he causes a player, Fluffball Gato, to lose his place on the leaderboard. He then meets James who, like Logan, is a lone player. They then meet a person named Hudson. They then go on to form a clan called the Pretty Swirly Clan. They head into Halo 3 matchmaking to play against other clans, and lose most of the time. They then meet Dwayne, a hacker who is on the run from Xbox LIVE support and Bungie, who helps them win games.




: is the 12 year old protagonist of the series. He is not a very good halo player, and often betrays his teammates. He is assumed to be the leader of the clan, but it is still to be confirmed. Logan also has a ghost called the "Logan Mobile". It is later turned into a mongoose. Logans has a fear of the Cruella Devil.

Hudson: is the youngest member of the clan, as he is only 8 years of age. He was once fighting for first place on the leaderboard, but lost to Fluffball Gato. He is good at fighting but during clan battles he betrays his teammates several times. Hudson's main fear is tinkie winkie coming to tinkie his winkie.

James: The normal and smart one of the clan. He is viewed as the voice of reason and normal character as he doesn't agree with Logan or Hudson's ideas. Before he joined the clan, he trained with another clan, but left because the leader thought he was a homosexual. his worst fear is losing his family and friends.

Dwayne: is the shy one of the clan, as he always stutters alot and is scared to reveal his name. He is also a hacker and was once sent to ban prison but escaped by joining a clan of hackers. Dwayne's worst fears are Captain Kirk's roar and mathimatics.

Fluffball Gato: is the main antagonist of the series. He was once 1st place on the Halo 3 leaderboard, but thanks to Logan he lost his place and was sent to the bottom. He then swore to kill Logan and his clan's members. He is also revealed to be Dwayne's cousin and head of a clan of noobs. He is afraid of Hudson.

Super Debus: is the secondary antagonist and right hand man of Fluffball Gato. He also uses a sort of voice changer when talking to anyone. He also helped Fluffball Gato rise up about 2000 places on the leaderboard. He is very loyal to Fluffball Gato and has huge respect for him. His worst fear is unknown.

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