A halo 3 machinima created by CbWilliams17 and produced by xDragonW0lf. Three spartans are ordered to guard a relic called maelstrom. But this halo ring holds more secrets than they know.

Episode listEdit

Episode 1

Three spartans are sent to guard a forunner relic (avalancha). Doug, the commanding officer of the spartans, is busy fixing the mongoose intil he hears a noise. he goes to see what it is and find out its ethan, another spartan, is testing the range of the sniper rifle. He also finds out he's using peter, the third spartan, as target practice. He asks how he convince Peter to this and ethan answers he's stupid. He orders ethan to stop shooting at thier own soldiers, while he complains if the covenant overrun the base, his thing in mind is to get his sniper rifle, but didnt get to pratice the range and there is no point and covenant kills them all. doug lets ethan continue to trie to kill peter but then notices he on the ground but dont know he's still alive. ethan only seem to care he forgot to ask how far they went. the two then notice a white light in the sky and remember when this forrunner stuff is turn on, something is suppose to happen. the three are sucked in by the white light and everything fades to black. doug wakes up later in a strange place and sees peter still knock out but notices they are both plastic action figures.

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4





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