The True Hero

Created by:

Brady Rogers

Directed by:

Brady Rogers Jon Michael Villagomez


Patrick Hughes, Jon Michael Villagomez, Brady Rogers, Lucas Serrano, Daniel Hammond, Thomas Rall Jr.


July 21, 2012 - Present

Running time:

5-15 minutes (average)

Number of episodes:

7 episodes (season 1, season 2 planned)


The True Hero is a Halo based machinima series created by Mind Fusion Industries . The story bases around two young vigilantes who fight back against the villainy of their city. The timeline of the show is based around a futuristic planet Earth in which humanity is beginning to reach towards the stars however not yet a space faring species. </span>The series is produced using the machinima technique of synchronizing video footage from a game to pre-recorded dialogue and other audio. The series uses the multiplayer characters from Halo 3 , Halo: Reach and Halo 4.

Plot SummaryEdit

After consistantly being bullied and influence from Evan, Rob decides to finally take a stand and fight for those who can not. As a child Rob had a made up character named "Blargman," who defended the city from constant attacks. After hearing about the rise of Blargman on the news Evan decides to make a similar movement and becomes a nameless vigilante for a short time. Evan approaches Blargman and they team up, Blargman deems Evan "Honkboy."

Blargam's "Dynamic Duo," stop a couple of petty crimes throughout the city before a hostage crisis at city hall occurs. Disgusted with Blargman at the time, Honkboy attempts to handle the situation himself. When he arrives he finds the Mayor held at gun point by a man calling himself "The Jokester." Various mishaps lead to Blargman being shot and the entire building being destroyed, Officer Who-Now finds Honkboy laying in a pile of rubble after the explosion, he is the only survivor because of his power armor.

Returning home Evan finds Rob completely recovered thanks to the efforts of his new AI named Maximus. A feud builds in Evan and causes him to snap at Rob and claim that he has taken all of the credit for their work. Evan leaves the base while Rob finds himself completely clone once more.


The shows characters break into two categories; good and bad. On the good side there are the characters Blargman, Honkboy, Who-Now, Wilkins and Maximus. The villains of the series which have been introduced are Guardian, Essence and the Jokester.

  • Blargman (Rob Coxner)

Rob is a senior in his last year of high school, he lives with his father Jack Coxner who is a former member of the military. Hearing about Rob's late night activities as Blargman, Jack takes Rob to his friend Ronald's house to have a suit of armor built to protect Rob from harm. Blargman is like a second personality from Rob. Where Rob is a quiet and "nerdy," teenager, Blargman is a wild and comical super hero.


Rob in his Blargman Combat suit, created by his father's friend Ronald.

Blargman's signature weapon is a Shotgun that he calls ironically calls "Pacifist." It uses pink shells and have the word JUSTICE engraved around the primer. 

"This is my Shotgun Pacifist, if uses bullets of justice to put an end to evil people like you!" -Blargman (S1E2: Times are Changing)

  • Honkboy (Evan Reynolds)


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