The Uprising is a machinima series in production. No release dates are revealed, but it is expected to have 1 episode per day on a month containing 30 days.


In the recruitment program, Lewis Hudson's thread posted this

The war was over. Everything was what it had been before the war, and the elites have boosted our economy. But some people think this wasn't the best age we have, so they rebelled against humanity itself. We was forced back as more of us died, but we couldn't hide forever. I tried to swim away from the horror that unfolded, but I was hunted and shot. I woke up, washed up on shore, and became part of a secret group, hoping to over throw the corrupted empire. On our side, we had elites, humans, and weapons, but not the numbers. If we are going take down the traitor, we would need the peoples hearts, and we would need to stick together. My name is Adrian Calling, and this is the longest month of my life

It was also revealed that the series will focus on several topics, including war, social conflict, and love. Lewis Hudson said "This series will be touching as some parts including an intense scene that will take a while to make and film"


No one has been confimed the parts yet, but an audition list has been produced



PsychoVandal as Adrian Calling. The protagonist in the series. He was left for dead before getting washed up on an island

MadVillager as Michael Jacobs. Leader of the group, "Uprising"

Stephin Woods aka Stress23 as Gregory Holmes. Leader of the rebels

Joe Laase as Carl Farrell. The DJ at the radio station and soon starts a rouge rebellion

This info can be changed when more news is revealed


SickNdehed as Sarah Calling. Adrian's dead wife who keeps appearing to him

Unconfirmed as General Steven Starkey. The main figure in the army and Gregory Holmes' righ hand man

Matt O'Connor as Thomas Reading. The main soldier in the unit

This info can be changed when more news is revealed


Unconfirmed as Daniel Loader. Another soldier in the unit

Unconfirmed as Simon Corner. Another soldier in the unit

This info can be changed when more news is revealed


Spencer Tipple
Grant Samms
Lorenzo Genaro
Usagi Tsukino