A halo reach machinima were the title says it all.

Episode 1

The episode opens up with Jason and todd watch a trailer for a new movie witch sounds awesome and Jason says he wishes he can go on an adventure like in the movie trailer. Todd then says he has to go somewhere and he will be right back. Two minute later, he come back and Jason ask where he went. He tells him he kidnap the mayor and hears the police sirens outside and they station outside the house. He says why he did it and tell him he wanted adventure. They bet on wether if they die or not for five bucks. Jason says he can go outside because they don’t know he was involve but says he sign the ransom note in his name. he says he wouldn’t sign it in his name. todd shows Jason the mayor but he points out he isn’t the mayor of the fact if they don’t have a mayor. Todd goes outside to tell the cops. Jason asks who the guy and says he’s a worker from wal-mart where he lock him in the trunk. When todd tries to tell them he isn’t the mayor, they shoot at him and Jason says he owes him five bucks.

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