A Halo 3 machinima Wombat production

Episode ListEdit

Part 1 of 3

Francis 001 talks about his life in the spartan 2 program, then a group of elites look inside a forrunner temple and say the arbiter will be please for what they had found. two weeks earlier on harvest, a UNSC conference is being held onboard a ship in the planets atmosphere, which introduces francis to the marines and crew onbaord. francis say he's not the first spartan, but they call him that to rise up thier hopes and says if he fails, they all die. then a covenant assualt takes place with wraiths, ghosts, and banshees. the nearest UNSC forces are 12 miles out and commander says they will be dead by then. he order francis to stall for time. Francis hijacks a bashee, asking the commanding elite officer where he go, until he drops on his ghost and kills him, then takes out a second ghost rider. he then charges at a covenant tank and destroys. he say it was to easy until remaining covenant forces charge at francis. just then, UNSC reforcements arrive to take out the remaining covenant. an elite warrior, who was watching walks away. an ODST officer order francis to come with him to get his new mission in orbit. an odst decides to take alook around, telling a hornet pilot his free to leave because all covenant forces are killed. when he remembers harvest what it was like, he is killed by the elite warrior.

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Chapter 1


Francis 001

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