Theta Phase is an action based machinima made by KPSpark using the Halo: Reach engine. The first episode aired on October 26, 2010.


Joseph BensonEdit


Twenty years after a war against an alien empire called the Razon, in which all Human planets were conquered except for one named Youth. Now the Razon are on Youth, looking for something...


Theta Phase 1: ContactEdit

Aired: October 26, 2010

A team of scientists salvaged Razon technology and built a teleporter out of it. A soldier was sent to check on their progress. As they were about to demonstrate the device, a team of alien soldiers come out of the teleporter. The lead scientists ordered security teams on site and for the teleporter to be cut off. The aliens make short work of the security team. The lead scientist orders the soldier sent to check on her to investigate what was going on in the halls. As the soldier goes out, he notices an alien under camofladge and flees. He puts up a shield but another alien grabs him from behind. An alien ambassador comes out the teleporter and orders the prisoners (the scientists) to be interrogated of their whereabouts then to be executed. Meanwhile, Joseph Benson arrives at his new base as a replacement for the outpost's late medic. He is retina-scanned and let in, after being warned of Rough, whom the guard describes as "a little trigger happy". He arrives at his quarters and his roommate,Edward Lewis, immediately shows displeasure of have a new roommate. He then meets Jean, whom exchanges sexual remarks with Eddy. She then informs Joseph that he is in her team and leaves. Joseph and Edward soon get a message to get ready for transport.

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