To the Earth is a machinima created by A Mad Taco Productions and A Mad Taco himself. It centers on Elites and their lives on the Earth.

Main CharactersEdit

Oesn 'BraateeEdit

Oesn 'Braatee

First Appearance: Episode One

Age: 1,459

Status: Alive

Rank: Gold (Leader)

Sex: Male

Oesn is the leader of sendin the elites to earth. He is golden and everyone follows his rules. He seems to be the main protagonist too. He is the oldest elite ever.

Ersn 'BraoteeEdit

Ersn 'Braotee

First Appearance: Episode One

Last Apperance: Episode Eight

Aged: 264

Status: Deceased

Rank: Light Blue (Recruit)

Sex: Male

Ersn is the youngest Elite to land on Earth's surface. He got killed in an accident during shopping. He was the wisecrack of the group.

Kesn 'IchuteeEdit


First Appearance: Episode One

Age: 874

Status: Alive

Rank: Black (Lieutenant)

Sex: Male

Kesn is a kidder in the group. But knows a lot to do about spying and things like that.

Otsn 'SekaseeEdit

Otsn 'Sekasee


First Appearance: Episode Three

Age: 424

Status: Alive

Rank: Blue (Sergeant)

Sex: Female

Otsn is the female of the group and is a sterotypical woman. She sports red and vilot on her armor. And was always about spending a lot on the shopping episode. Even after Oesn was killed.

Onsn 'RigameeEdit

Onsn 'Rigamee

First Appearance: Episode One

Age: 1,253

Status: M.I.A.

Rank: Coral (5 Star General)

Sex: Male

Bent on world domination, Onsn is the angry person of the group. Only one rank away from gold, and has been for four hundred years. And the second oldest Elite ever. He is a rival of the leader, Oesn 'Braatee. He has been Missing in Action since Episode 19 and his fate is currently unknown as of Episode 24.


Note: Summaries only to important episodes of the series.

1. To The Earth!Edit

5 elites go on a suicidal mission to Earth.

2. I've Grown Disgusted To Your FaceEdit

The elites find out how humans attract each other.

3. A Girl???Edit

A woman elite named Otsn 'Sekasee comes to the earth. And the only people who don't hit on her are Onsn and Oesn. The people who are serious about their work.

4. Nobody Likes KesnEdit

5. Terrible NecesitiesEdit

6. Desprate to Take A BreathEdit

7. Our Work Here is Done?Edit

8. I Don't Like the Look of That Spartan!Edit

A spartan finds out the location of the elites. The elites blank his memory. But not before killing Ersn.

9. Nobody Has a ClueEdit