XDELTAxHALOX is the main channel for Hazardous Entertainment, which consists of "Just Logan", "Just Heretic", and "Kafungalung".

They are well known by their popular series Robot Chicken: Halo Edition.

It's reported that they have also made an unfinished mini-series called Marksmen.

They have said on their website that a comedy series is in production entitled Wheelmen as well as an action-packed movie, Predator.

You can talk to them personally at their websites/forums.

Episodes for Robot Chicken: Halo Edition are generally released between long hiatuses, with Just Logan commenting:

We try to get some of it done when we can,

but we're all pretty busy with school and work. - Just Logan

We plan to keep he Robot Chicken; Halo Edition Series going for as long as we can.

We also want to get into some serious/action machinima as well. - Just Logan

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