Zalobar Productions Edit

Founded by Extantfan in October 2007. Co-owner The Cauliflower. Zalobar Productions have made several machinimas never relesed on the internet. But it is now in production of several machinimas at once. These machinimas are: - Zanzibar - Spartan News - Halorix Realoading... These are made in HaloCE(Spartan news)+ Halo 3 (Zanizbar+Halorix Realoading...) Filming is done by Extantfan and organisation is done by The Cauliflower. The voices of characters are joint and other people (cannot be named on this file) help with voiceovers. Fraps and a laptop with capturecard pre-installed is used to film. All accounts for any websites, including, named Zalobar are joint owned by Extantfan and The Cauliflower.

Spartan News Edit

Spartan News is the Machinima made by Extantfan and The Cauliflower A.K.A Zalobar Productions. It is similar to Inside Halo but with many differences.

It shows real news from and other websites 

to do with Halo. It also has made up news, which is mainly for entertainment purposes only.

Spartan News will also include Tips from Pros and Bunie Staff and Interviews from Good Machinima makers. 

Spartan News is also offering a service that lets veiwers adverise their Machinimas on the show. Spartan News also have a feature called: IHALO This allows veiwers voices to be heard on the show. Heres how it happens: 1)Viewers send an email to containing a voice sample and what they would like to talk about. 2)Zalobar Productions(if your voice sample is good) we will send you with an email with the script attached. 3)You then voice this script out and send the file to us. 4)we will then act it out on Halo and put it in the show!

Go to for the trailer and many more episodes to come.

Email for the chance to be in the show.

From Extantfan

Zanzibar Edit

Zanzibar is the Halo3 machinima due to be released on May 30th 2008. Made by Extantfan and The Cauliflower, Zanzibar hopes to be as sucsessful as RvB. Not much can be told now but a list of Season 1 charcters can be shown: -Flower -Norman -Extant -Stevedore -Ganheli -Smithers -Girmo -Mogi